Installing Kali Linux v2017.3

Kali Linux is a distro that is designed for network analysis and penetration testing.  This includes many specialized tools to assist the user with discover, enumeration, analysis, exploitation, and much more.  If you want to build this installation in a Virtual Machine Click here for a walk-through.

1.Visit and grab the ISO

2. You can use either HTTP (Very Slow) or Torrent.  Make sure you compare the Hashes to insure integrity of the download. (Using: HashMe)

3. Boot from the ISO, Scroll Down in the GRUB menu to Install and press enter ————– For VM Installation instructions Click Here

4. Select your Language

5. Select your Country

6. Configure the keyboard

7. Enter Desired Hostname

8. Enter domain name if needed, otherwise select continue

9. Enter password

10. Select your time zone

11. Partition the drive as desired, if you are unsure, select Guided – use entire disk

12.Select your drive (Note: 8.6GB is not enough space for Kali)

13. Finish partitioning and write changes to disk

14. Write the changes to disks?  Yes

15. Install takes a few minutes

Note: If you get this issue, try increasing the hard drive allocation in your VM.

16. Yes

17. Add proxy if needed, leave blank if not, Continue

18. Yes

19. Select the directory for installation

20. Continue and your finished!

If you have any issues, questions or discussions feel free to comment below or contact me here.

Tip: If you get locked out of your Kali box check out my How To to get in: Click Here

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